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A MacOSX version of AMoR from the KDE applet by Martin R. Jones. AMoR, an Amusing Misuse of Resources, is a bit of software that does nothing terribly useful. It provides an animated character that plays atop the active window.

amor screenshot

UPDATED! Now available as a universal binary.

To install, download the disk image and copy AMoR.app to your hard drive.

A Preferences menu is available by clicking on the character (if you can catch her!). There are 12 different animations available.

Download Version 1 Now! amor icon   15MB
   MD5 checksum: 8f023a852f9438eb1de6a1727ab9146b

Known bugs:

  • On multiple monitor systems, the window tracking is off on the Y axis a bit.
  • Under some circumstances, the menu will become unavailable.
  • Besides being dull, the static window sitters don't seem to be sized right.
  • Some of the animations have bugs.

Source code is available:


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