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Quirk & Associates

Enterprise Software Solutions

Since 1996, Quirk & Associates has been helping clients to be successful with critical business applications.

With expertise in analysis, design, architecture and development, we can help ensure your success with your next IT project.

The Team

Steve Quirk

Steve Quirk has over 15 years of experience with high availability systems. Steve spent the first years of his career working on mainframe systems at Prudential Insurance then developing operating system software for Concurrent Computer Corp, a mini-computer manugacturer. In 1992, Steve joined Telerate Systems where he streamlined their real-time market data system and increased system speed and reliability. He subsequently joined NeXT Computer and continued at Apple as a consultant during the explosion of the world wide web. Steve then co-founded DuoCash, an online payment company, and developed their fast, secure, and reliable payment network.

Greg Quirk

Greg Quirk has over 15 years of experience with leading edge object oriented online transaction systems. After working on an advanced claims processing system at Prudential Insurance, Greg went on to develop a SmallTalk based banking system for Le Bank de Frou Frou in Luxembourg. Greg returned to the US to run the professional services division of EXE Technologies, providing crucial warehouse management innovation to clients like UPS.